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madic50.blogspot.comParis, Thursday, June 8, 2017
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Mr. President of the Republic
 The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to France 
Mr President of the European Commission

 Remarks on the London bombings 
I did not expect to see the English one day show their ass to the enemy and this memorable fact deserves to be stopped.

 1) - A culture of cowardice 
The spectacular predominance of cowardice in Europe was sacred in Norway on 22 July 2011 during the massacre organized by Mr Breivik. Dozens of healthy young adults died cowardly and were honored. 

On May 3, 2017, in Turin, 20,000 soccer supporters voluntarily put themselves in panic for fireworks firecrackers. There are 1,000 wounded. Cowardice becomes a means of participation in a complete performance.

2) - London
 In London, on May 3, 2017, in a neighborhood of restaurants populated by able-bodied men, of age and able to fight, three men were able to work quietly with the knife of prey left to the satisfaction of their desires by fugitives. 

3) - In France
 In France, the only ones who have fought against the Islamist terrorists who wanted to kill them are Israeli Jews who paid for it with their lives and American soldiers who saved dozens of French innocents who had gone to bed to die.

4) - The fabrication of the rout
 I do not know what leads the English to this way of being, on the other hand, I know a little about the manufacturing process in France. It must be common to all of Europe.In France, cowardice has become a principle of legality imposed by the Courts.
 A- The police officers are deemed to leave the legality by showing morale warrior. They are, moreover, awkward; Clandestine passengers of courage.
 B- Soldiers are decorated for being stabbed by the enemy in order not to kill him or to bear an irreversible twist. This practice, similar to desertion, is celebrated as a mark of self-control.
 C. The forces of order are so subordinate to the personal interest of the Terrorists that their agents do not shoot in the heads of the assailants to kill them immediately.
 D- They therefore deliberately take the risk of allowing them to operate a belt of explosives. What is aberrant and wrongful, but glorified. 
E- Cowardice is thus an official cultural obligation; A dressage.

 Ordinary example: On 8 June 2015, for having rescued a woman who was sexually assaulted in March 2013, a young man was convicted of having beaten too much the taste of the aggressor raised by the judges to the rank of arbitrator. elegance.It is the current jurisprudence to break every act of courage on a daily basis.Two months suspended for the Just. Four months suspended for the rapist.

5) - The gear 
A- When courage is the dominant public ideology; The courageous lead the cowards. That is the military principle.B- When cowardice is the dominant public ideology; The cowards subdue the courageous. It is the principle of the saving-who-can.

 6) - Conclusion 
This question leads to this observation: 
1- Some attack and reach their goals.
 A- The massacres of Islamic Terrorism in 2015 in France have been politically, socially, institutionally, particularly productive.
 B- There is no reason why it should be different in England, in Germany, in the rest of Europe. 

2- The others shirk 
I do not see how people could keep in cowardice and flight a way of life that their predecessors acquired through courage and confrontation.


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