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Mayor of Paris , Delanoë, Kristeva, Emeyé , disabled Caresche , Magistrate , budget, mosque Act 1905.

Mayor of Paris , Delanoë, Kristeva, Emeyé , disabled Caresche , Magistrate , budget, mosque Act 1905.1 - Request to open judicial inquiry

Paris , Monday, January 20, 2014

Mr. ProsecutorParis

Subject: Request to open a preliminary investigation.

Copy to:President of the RepublicMadame la Garde des SceauxMs. KristevaMs. Emeyé( In one part of their information ,Subject to transmit them )

Mr. prosecutor ,The issue of Mr. Ardisson on Canal + : Hi Earthlings ? of Friday, January 10, 2014 viewed in the public debate a topic previously discussed in the journal The world of 30 April 2011.These testimonies speak to the issue of municipal housing designs for cerebral disabilities; their presence or absence.They then ask a question concerning the legal use of public funds , compliance with the 1905 Act, the rights in municipal practice in Paris .
This legal question is :1 - Essentials in the lives of disabled public funds they have been " arrested "?2 - The whole religious built on public funds by the City of Paris has it been you by the diversion of funds earmarked for the disabled?If this were the case, it would constitute misconduct under the law of Nuremberg. Indeed, this case falls within everything that undermines the humanity of the disabled; such as the criminalization of madness or what defines disabled as a lesser humanity.This is why, as Parisian French citizen and taxpayer , I demand the opening of a preliminary investigation into this matter .The operation that I study here ended November 28, 2013 , with the inauguration of the Institute of cultures of Islam . "Mayor says this:"You are beginning November 28 Institute of Islamic cultures (ICI) , the Goutte- d'Or, in the 18th . Why have you started this project mid- cultural ?First, because Paris needed a place for exchange and sharing that make their place in the cultures of Islam. We are at the heart of the universal vocation of the capital, whose identity is enriched by all traditions of all cultures and all spiritualities of those who live there. Culturally, therefore this institute has its place in the policy of opening to the world that we conduct dialogue since 2001 . With the Luxor , it must fully participate in the renewal and vitality 18th . Cult to plan, we have only to provide Muslim prayer rooms Paris they fully funded and which everyone knows they desperately need. " for the Mayor that Muslims fully fund what they can not get without joint action of the City of Paris . The appreciation of the Mayor on the religious needs of Muslims being a recognition of a religion by the public authorities .Nobody seems to have asked these questions - if I would do it.1) - TestimonyThe analysis of these do not assume recess about the author of these lines and in no way mentioned witnesses.1 - Julia Kristeva"We were looking for an" innovative structure "for our son David , a neurological disease, which can enable an autonomous and protected life. After years of efforts , promises, the City of Paris , which develops a policy of solidarity in the field of disability , abruptly stopped the project. Shortage of resources , the disabled are not an attractive lobby in times of crisis ... More surprisingly, the mayor-council : "Go see among religious ! Bankruptcy over the Republic. "Julia Kristeva / Interview by Josyane SavigneauSaturday, April 30, 2011 / " Humanism is not known accompany mortality ."2 - Ms. Eglantine EmeyéCanal + Hi Earthlings Ardisson , Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014 ." .... Cost of Disability: 3000euros / M.These eight years of fighting have exhausted me ." I looked for a solution and the problem is that there is nothing.In any case I live in paris . There is no placeI would say there is no institute.So I knew I could not leave it there .Being paris I am not entitled to institute elsewhere in FranceBecause I am domiciled in paris . It is a story department .This hospital that hosted from time to time , it is a hospital , not an institute,told me the hospital : listen you will keep it, it is you begin to know , you keep it.Today , it is true that there is an element of anger in me to say:Shit, I have a kid of 8 years,Ardisson : yes , it would be next to Paris you could see him more oftenShe : That I would not ask better go to bed at night , and the border , say good night .There he lives 900km from me.Ardisson : You go every 15 days , you take it with you to the school holidays. It gets better ...She : I think even the fact that I want to relax a little more, when you see them together ...Ardisson : You never thought infanticide .....She : Yes .... " - L '' stop and nothingBoth active and responsible women voluntarily take public speaking to say that their disabled child does not host structure in Paris.They are not in the victimhood ideology of suffering. She wants hammering if they were not bourgeois she could not overcome the financial obstacles due to the lack of adequate structures to Paris . Ms. Emeyé told a handicapped child to Paris costs 3000e / M.Both women bring a common observation :1 - Kristeva , " the City of Paris , which develops a policy of solidarity in the field of disability , abruptly stopped the project. "2 - Emeyé " " I looked for a solution and the problem is that there is nothing. In any case I live in paris . There is no place . I would say there is no institute. "The presence of nothing, or the absence of all, is not the result of an administrative oversight.a- The issue has been discussed for yearsb- The building known as the " Institute " is a departmental structure types . It is the State which is the organizer and promoter.So it turns out that this lack of structure is not due to myopia, ignorance , financial failure. It is a political fact.Ms. Kristeva puts us on a track:a- " After years of efforts , promises, the City of Paris , which develops a policy of solidarity in the field of disability , abruptly stopped the project. "b- " More surprisingly, the mayor-council :" Go see among religious ! "Public discussions , municipal, real estate development on for the disabledare well underway . Suddenly everything stops. At the same time , Mr. Delanoë, in person, said that an atheist intellectual assistance to disabled persons up to the "religious" , ie civil charity. It removes the disability of the Paris national solidarity.3) - The two releasesThis council is a person whose Mayor knows irreligion leads to consideration of a bundle of facts which connect the leadership of the City of Paris to religion as normative institution.This formula imposed by Mayor has two immediate consequences :a- The "religious" of the Mayor is not primarily a tissue of individual actions. It is primarily an institutional network that can substitute for government failure proven by Ms. Kristeva : " A bankruptcy over the Republic."Mayor says not to go in another structure failure Parisian structures. We know Ms. Kristeva Emeyé and there is just no structure in Paris .The fact that Ms. Kristeva says, " A bankruptcy over the Republic" clearly indicates that the purpose of the Mayor does not refer to problems , shortcomings , transient.It's because there is no hope that the Mayor resume a disability policy that replaces Mayor religious administrative reference to public administrative reference .Mayor Ms. Kristeva does not refer to another structure. He refers to another administrative policy. It does not mention a singular structure. He appoints an administrative policy .This is a substitution of support disabled . She spends public religious .b- The Mayor of Paris in person declares that help the disabled is not part of the public service.Disabled are not the direct beneficiaries of the distribution of taxes , like all citizens, they must apply to administrations certainly full of good intentions but private.They are not "citizens" but " objects of charity " or " customers."
4) - A substitution policyA- To Ms. Kristeva, the "religious" which returns , in a formal meeting , the Mayor is the Christian "religious."It is a combination that suits him and she said well she thinks .I insisted that this private structure , whatever its merits , because of the word of the Mayor , is no longer in a position complementary partner policy. It is the substitute to any public action.However, the set of facts that I mentioned above provides a glimpse that the Mayor thinks of a religion other than Christianity when he advocates turning to the "religious."Certainly, the "religious" as an existing structure is accessed massively "Christian." But " religious" value of replacement administrative policy to the government rather takes the form of Islam for the team of Mr. Delanoë .The great ideological case the mandate of Mr Delanoë is the construction of a Muslim religious structure on public funds. The Institute of Islamic cultures (ICI) was launched 28 November 2013 .With this operation , he wanted both :a- Disqualify 1905 Act by requiring recognition and financing of religious obligation to the state.b- Imposing religion as a public administrative body in its own right .This municipal company was conceived from the outset as a challenge to the law. Not only it was violating the 1905 law, but it was also put in place a repetitive device that allows rape throughout France specifically for the benefit of the construction of mosques.When a parent emission emission C in air on France 5, a Deputy, First Deputy Mayor , Mr. Caresche said (I quote from memory ): " As regards the construction of a mosque , we have time to figure out how to circumvent the law . But we did it . " .If Mr. Mesrine , Gangster famous , was able to tell the President of the Court : Mr. Speaker , I just wanted to understand how to circumvent the law, the acquittal was right .A follow Press, militant and passionate interest of socialist elected to the construction of religious buildings Muslims is well established publicly.a- elected Socialists have said on the occasion of the inauguration of this religious complex illegally financed from public funds , the Mayor of Paris had found a system that could serve as a model for others concerned about violating the 1905 law municipalities.b- The concern of Mr. Delanoë serve Islam , worship, would have been at least two remonstrances of the Prefect to the Mayor twice when it wanted to impose on the Republic organizing the Eid in the premises of the City of Paris .c- Hijacking Act 1905 is one of the favorite sports Socialist councilors , almost programmatic base .It is therefore not incongruous to consider the coincidence of the two manipulations of funds. That affected the real estate dedicated to disabled budget. The budget of what I call here the popular term : the mosque. In case abound in the other to dry .Upon arrival at the direction of the Mayor of Paris Mr. Delanoë, one net breeze " years of effort ." It is he himself who told Ms. Kristeva : Go see among religious !At the same time , it introduces an unnecessary project municipal perspective as legal. He began funding a mosque on public funds. The trick is that the mosque is embedded in a structure called worship . The walls are cultural and they seem to have the property of the City of Paris . The empty space is religious and belongs to the religious .This construction is secular as well as scammers are insolvent by fraudulent construction.Justice agrees .Similarly for B- MS Emeyé . She spends eight hellish years, she contemplates suicide with his child, because he did not have a "Institute" . a seemingly ordinary structure in each department , except Paris .During this time, Marie de Paris finance the construction of a Muslim religious complex .This is not a small sum . It is a commitment of € 28 million , for the official cost. With such a sum is constructed an "Institute " in accordance with departmental standards.This is the Mayor himself expressly connects the public policy of the City Council and religion, government and religious administration, saying, Go view among religious ! It does not say " associations ." He said among the religious.5) - The triangular deviceThree facts are established .1 - It is an established fact that Mr. Delanoë funded religious containing a mosque and it is common knowledge that he has done to circumvent the 1905 Act. His team even said to have taken time to find legal skins.2 - When he undertakes this process , it is also a fact , from the statements of these two women , it blocks all municipal investment process for the disabled.3 - It is also undeniable that refers executives, parents of disabled children , who are able to speak directly to him to "religious." Others are doing .These three facts are building two more :1 - Disabled people are not subjects of government2 - The religious are substitutes in public administrationIt still installs another :Religious authorities become , at least de facto governments.6) - The administrative order.This triangular device changes hierarchies and orders between public and private administrative realities .In his command to Ms. Kristeva, he knows very well that will be reflected in all university graduates and executives, Mr. Delanoë recasts the hierarchy and order between the public and private sectors.The private , religious here , becomes the first party government , since they receive the populations in which the public sector does not want or is not able to host , failing even to exist in the case of Institute .Citizens are excluded from rights to the benefit of the redistribution of taxes.This is not a scheme by which the government set up an administration that receives beneficiaries with private associations that accompany the device at the margin, which can be significant. For example, a prosecutor may say a charity : The Catholic Relief Services is the Dass !Now , governments deal with private organizations organizing assistance to beggars or customers.Citizens are no longer entitled to the allocation of taxes. They have no right either to access to public authorities .Funding a mosque at the same time it returns " in religious" citizens, the Mayor publicly means that the "religious" is provider of public administration.Therefore, it is possible to sacrifice the government to transfer the functions and qualities private administrations . It becomes possible to move public funds by religious institutions.In this case , citizens become subjects of religious authorities.It is quite possible that Mr. Delanoë has knowingly organized on this occasion a reversal of the orders of the public and private sectors.The state becomes the financial religions, instead of government, which become providers of public charity in lieu of public solidarity.Instead of funding the " Institutes " for disabled people, the Municipality funds that finance religions turn of receptions disabled centers.Later , religions funded by the state fund as schools, hospitals, public housing , etc. .It is ultimately the liquidation of the public system and secularism as religious authorities substitutes for public administrations.If religions replace the state , private capital can do so. This fits perfectly with the ideologies of privatization of the public sector which Mr. Delanoë and his team are followers. Several of its members are employed by international groups .In doing so, Mr. Delanoë and his team changes the status of the disabled and beyond all the French .They are no longer rights holders . They are " poor " or " customers."They do not have access right to the distribution of taxes. They beg charity or they pay a commercial service.They are no longer citizens but clients or beggars.By building religious structures estate , Mr. Delanoë is a little more than a cult of finance , in violation of the 1905 law.He built a government de facto purpose is to replace the government of law.If told Ms. Kristeva to visit the religious, it is not only to tell him to go elsewhere to eat cake if she has no bread.It gives the new public administrative.Religion is the administrative contact for the government.Secular structures receptions are by-products of the decisions of these authorities.The citizen has no direct relationship with the right government and the benefit of tax allocation . The beggar or the client must negotiate not a right they do not have , but access to the charity or the goods.The government officials are interlocutors private administrative policies with their own justifications, which are assigned populations .What breaks is the constitutional relationship between citizens and administrations that form with their taxes. See art . 13-14-15 Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen .Administrations are powers that deal with people as they see fit . This is the citizenship disappears.7) - The arguments raised by Ms. KristevaI have already seen the consequences of the simultaneity of these two decisions discussed here.Mayor draws a line administrative policy ceases to establish a link between the public authorities and citizens to establish a link between public power and private , religious or non-governmental organizations , which beggars must apply and customers .The Mayor therefore receives Ms. Kristeva for him not only mean that there is no place in Paris for his kid, but that there will never be , because the Mayor : "After years of efforts , promises ... suddenly stopped the project. "This is what also notes Ms. Emeyé saying: " I ​​looked for a solution and the problem is that there is nothing. In any case I live in paris . There is no place . I would say there is no institute. "The project existed . He was stopped ; annihilated .Ms. Kristeva provides its own explanation of the " bankruptcy of the Republic."Ms. Kristeva " Shortage of resources, disabilities are not an attractive lobby in times of crisis ... " .Either Ms. Kristeva refers here theses defended by Mr Delanoë when receives it.Is it merely summarizes the annexes debates she attended .In both cases , these are the arguments that justify budget " stop ."1 - The argument of the lack of meansa- The terms of Mr. Delanoë are those in which the income of senior Paris exploded.b He surpassed Mr. Chirac in municipal gifts capitalists Majors .c- It is 28 million euros for " around the 1905 law."In short , with regard to working capital Handicap , there is not Paris "shortage of resources "2 - The argument of the crisisMr. Delanoë served as never before her syndicates in municipal contracts. The Delanoë team knows the crisis of solidarity with the poor.
In a business such as the Mayor of Paris , the " lack of resources " or "crisis" just want to say you are going to look elsewhere !3 - The argument of the lobby.If the argument comes from the Mayor is to kick a recognition that it has removed credits to other "lobby" most influential .The fact that Ms. Kristeva suggests insufficient lobby Disabled could indicate that the Mayor told him about all pressentes requests it receives and obligation in which it is decided in favor of the most influential .Unless it is an appreciation of the environment of the Mayor. Or own assessment of Ms. Kristeva .But in all cases , it is the recognition that the funds were earmarked , or should be, or could be, and that everything has been stopped.The argument of the lobby , they come from the Mayor , his entourage , Ms. Kristeva, tells us that the funds have not disappeared , they have been transferred.8) - The motivations of the Mayor1 - Why would the Mayor is it moral and political problem , since :Has Ms. Kristeva speaks of " A bankruptcy over the Republic "?b- She has the means to publicize this "bankruptcy" . His interview also appears on a full page in The World, official newspaper of the state bourgeoisie ;2 - Why announce the closing of any municipal activity to come to the point to designate the "religious" as the place of substitution "public" ?If he had is that the " lack of resources " or "crisis" , the Mayor would have known as much as another thin sauce "recovery" , "confidence in the future, " the" long term projects ", etc. .There is nothing as it closes the case of public aid for the disabled.He returns his interlocutors ' among religious "but announced no transfer of money , no public aid to religious themselves.Public support for the disabled is stopped. The objective of the Mayor is not to develop this support in a voluntary rather than administrative framework .The reference to "religious" is a downgrade for the disabled. They no longer have a right to assistance . They aid if the "religious" interest therein .What interests the Mayor is to train religious institutions as public institutions instead of government.From the recognition of this function, these institutions can devote the time and energy they deem appropriate to local aid for the disabled. If she want with who they want . Mayor may then refer to it its citizens.This institutional political break , inevitably leads to allocations to these new religious vocation public administrations .This does not mean that there was transfer of budget disability sector to the religious sector consortium.It is this question that I ask the court to clarify and I propose here to prune .10) - The two lobbiesThe question of the influence of the disabled in terms of positive lobby , U.S. type and influence game is bad naming the problem .In certain circumstances , the ability to influence indicates the opponents where they must attack . We can speak of hollow lobby .I would take two completely disparate historical examples and unrelated to our subject . .a- In 1918, in England, after 50 years of intense lobbying , the suffragettes won the right to vote at 30 years for women .This is what Ms. Kristeva refers when she says that the disabled are not " lobby quite interesting ." This is a positive lobby. It is sufficient or not is another matter.b- I see , hands on examples, including common law , that the influence of disability is perceived, designed , conducted , an otherwise by the French State executives today .Take a historical logic to illustrate this : In 1938 , protests against Jewish persecution they were subjected result in the " Night of Broken Glass ." This is what I call a lobby hollow .The affected population defines a positive lobby , all of its expressions, public or not. By cons , other forces can take this positive uses lobby to take the population hostage to their own agenda . The population cited account then much less than what these opposing forces can do , hollow .11) - The political position of the disabledIf Mayor sacrifices disabled is not parcequ'ils have no influence. This is parcequ'ils are today , the place of sacrifice.When Ms. Kristeva says: "The disabled are not an attractive lobby in times of crises. "1 - She notices that they are left in their rights to the benefit of the tax distribution .2 - It is forbidden to see any miraculous strength , hollow , this population can rightly be despoiled taxes accruing to law and which may be thus robbed of their right to life.People with disabilities are the G of the French society, one from which all can be negotiated transactions rogue ENTERED other multiple points of social transactions.The public order is maintained from a report on the mentally ill conflicts authorities with groups of special populations .Thus, they are mentally disabled 30% of inmates entering prison . Regardless of those who become because of the prison system. This means that already upstream , the police are picking in the management of criminal cases to retain as dealer manager schizophrenic band .Moreover, the bands know, this is why they are appealing minutely mentally ill as a bargaining tool with the police. Where an increase in criminality directly involving the mentally handicapped. Nobody will look behind pulling the strings .Similarly , agents of the state in conflict transform mental illness or psychiatric conflicts they encounter with citizens because of the official crime.So it would be logical , plausible , that the Mayor do involve disabled the decision to replace the religious administration , or private , public administration.It is consistent with himself when he stops the raising of public funds on projects concerning the disabled .It would also be consistent with itself if postponing the budget disabled on this mosque project whose illegality is not the barrier but the guiding principle .He knows that no one asked him no account. Not, as Kristeva says because no one would hear the voice of the disabled, but because all the staff of State is mobilized for a return in silence.It is this possibility which I request verification to justice. The act would be criminal.12) - The two budgetsThe link between the sacrifice of the disabled and the installation of religions as public powers is made by the Mayor himself.He has stopped budgets disabled and said the vanquished : "Go see among religious ."b- At the same time , it installs a religious institution such as public administration or public administration rather than creation.There concomitant supply of a sector and the drying of the other.About a- disabled , there is no restriction of credit management difficulties . It is a destruction of all activity.The " Institutes " are departmental creations , so right , included in the estimates. It should anyway be a budget activity . Ms. Emeyé told us that there is nothing.b- For cons , the religious building is it a creation ex nihilo . It has no administrative history . And because it is illegal . So there is no budget line nor predictable .The team said the Mayor herself she had long search for the means to bring this project in the appearance of legality .Where the Mayor has it found you these 28 million ?13) - The oddsIt is therefore quite plausible that the Mayor has moved the budget for the disabled to the construction of a mosque. In doing so, he would be given time to " find a way around the law."One can indeed think :The team of the Mayor was unable to justify funding , nor can find it in the budget. Who could accept to see its budget cut to feed the illegal financing of a mosque ?At this time of year, the budget is established. Each service to its numbers.It is possible that there is no floating are available at the discretion of the Mayor.I think it is plausible to ask whether the adoption of the budget of the disabled is not related to the inability of the Mayor to find budget ICI in the folds of the general budget .It annihilates the budget equally to the principles of administrative reorientation mentioned above ( the substitution of religious administration in the civil administration ) for reasons of total puncture budget. This total puncture has occurred and is probably transfer from one sector to another .If the Mayor had not made the transfer of funds for the disability sector to another , he would not have told these people to go elsewhere ; Among religious example. It would be well within budget for the disabled who was mobilized for the "religious."This transfer of funds accompanied presumed transfer of legitimacy and public order. The French did more unified by their civil administration. They do not divide their religious administration.Mr. Delanoë made ​​the transfer operation for the benefit of the Muslim religion because religion is its heart , its festive activism suggests. If he chooses this angle of attack against the law in 1905 , it is also because the French were buried in the obscurantist ideologies which there are nations and cultures by definition oppressed by the French who have to free . 1905 law oppresses Sharia releases .14) - The inhumane treatmentA- suppression budgetIf we stick to these two testimony , there has indeed been "off" or "nothing."From these two testimony that suffering due to the absence of an institutional framework to deal with disabilities is immediate, inherently significant . The evocation of death is therefore constantly present .What I want to point out is that this situation, in Paris , not in Africa, is already is a serious criminal offense .Remove budget disabled , transfer to others, is not a mere political entertainment, major political whim .Delete a sports equipment sports do not involve inhuman and degrading treatment of human beings .a- Remove budget for the disabled is to submit to degrading and inhuman treatment.b -Transfer budget to another sector that can not justify its existence municipal budget ,c- To deny the Institute provided by the state, and organized in other departments ,d- Tell them to " go with the religious"Is to deny their equal humanity with people who have a budget ringfenced said . Mr. Delanoë which can actually say "go see among religious "Leave disabled destitute of public action while it was recognized studied, planned , is impose a voluntary physical and moral suffering , useless, criminally cruel.The testimony of these two women, and Mr. Delanoë received one of them , establish that no individual, family, can not overcome this burden alone .Things were different before because before the disabled die quickly in agony , physical and moral .Therefore , remove the public means , collectives, set by the national budget and its local derivatives to serve these people who can not do without is an aggression which is legally Agenda war crime.That whatever reason.This drying of the budget is established. It specifically at the expense of the membership of disabled citizenship , ie the population that benefits from the distribution of taxes .This quality are retired in both money , since they have more, and right they are officially out of the public sphere, administrative , secular, egalitarian , to enter into the private sphere, religious , discriminant .All this is voluntary, organized preventable. The subject of disability, as indicated by the fact the " Institutes " is socially and administratively well known and mastered .B- The transfer of fundsAs soon as I read the article in Le Monde devoted to Ms. Kristeva , I thought the interview MP Deputy Mayor of Paris : "We have been slow to circumvent the law , but we succeeded . " .The interview with Ms. Emeyé convinced me to request account with the prosecutor of the Republic.This would be a particularly serious crime having robbed disabled for " circumvent the law ."All this would constitute an affront to human dignity and accountable to the jurisprudence of Nuremberg.15) - ApplicationOnly persons authorized to investigate , interview witnesses , trained reading municipal accounting texts , reading municipal writings can tell us what happened to the budgets for the disabled. These budgets were necessarily provided they are legal, they have been discussed, they are constitutive of the survival of humanity and the lives of the disabled.We are not at all in the case of disabled people which have attributed , rightly or wrongly, the ability to financially provide for their disability . Family and community support for people with disabilities is consubstantial with their lives.We need to know if there has been a transfer of budgets associated with disabilities into the budgets of public funding religious buildings .We would be there beyond the powers of the Mayor.Removing an institutional budget is disabled in itself because criminal activity is a particularly serious physical assault against these populations.It is a constitutional disqualification of these people, and the violation of their rights under ss. 13-14-15 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen ." Art. 13 . For the maintenance of the public force, and for administrative costs , a common contribution is essential : it must be divided equally among all citizens, because of their faculties.Art . 14 . All citizens have the right to ascertain, by themselves or by their representatives, the necessity of the public contribution , to grant this freely , monitor jobs, and to determine the amount, basis , recovery and duration.Art . 15 . The Company has the right to require of every public agent administration. "The act of transferring these budgets into the alleged illegal financing of places of worship for illegally allow the recognition of the cult and its installation in place of government would be a disqualification of persons with disabilities as a human being of national public attention a misuse of public funds.The pretext of cultural exchanges , it would pass the citizenship Caste , of France in Lebanon.Pursuant to art . 15 , I request the opening of a preliminary investigation into the fate of funds Ms. Kristeva, Ms. Emeyé Mr. Caresche Mr. Delanoë, report publicly .16) - ConclusionBy opening the newspaper, I learned that women in the Legislature are required to suck men of executive power under the guise of justice.Watching TV , my attention is struck by a possible theft of disabled any budget, the Mayor of Paris again. A cross-check information induced it is not impossible that this budget necessarily affected the disabled could be transferred to solving a problem of the leaders of the City of Paris to " circumvent the law . " .This is probably what is called the rule of law .I send my questions to justice, without prejudice to its response .Waiting for your replyPlease accept, Mr. prosecutor , insurance Yours sincerely ,Marc Salomone

PS: Attached:1 - The text of Ms. Kristeva2 - Addresses:Has Ms. Kristevajulia.kristeva @ univ- paris -diderot.frUNIVERSITY DIDEROT PARIS - PARIS 7Pack . "The big mills "5, rue Thomas Mann 75013 Paris8th floor, 893 CTel: (33) 1 57 27 65 25b- Eglantine EMEYE 

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 2 - Document: Interview with Ms. KristevaJulia Kristeva / Interview by Josyane SavigneauSaturday, April 30, 2011" Humanism is not known accompany mortality ."" Their gaze pierces our shadows " ( Fayard ) 240 pages 18 euros , your correspondence with Jean Vanier , founder of L'Arche.Why your interest in this place ?L'Arche is a federation of 140 communities across the world, each consisting of homes, shops and places of life for people with disabilities . It is based on the Catholic faith, but also welcomes non-believers and other religions , and offers a life together, shared with disabled people. A priori, nothing prepared me to draw near to L'Arche.We were looking for an "innovative structure " for our son David , a neurological disease, which can enable an autonomous and protected life. After years of efforts , promises, the City of Paris , which develops a policy of solidarity in the field of disability , abruptly stopped the project. Shortage of resources , the disabled are not an attractive lobby in times of crisis ... More surprisingly, the mayor-council : "Go see among religious ! Bankruptcy over the Republic ?Philippe Sollers , closer than me to the Catholic humanism , encouraged me to try. I reconnected with Jean Vanier that I had already met . I visited L'Arche de Compiègne where he lives, I was shocked pat generous solidarity "buddies " { that's how they call themselves ) who reside there. And while David still looking for a solution , the idea was born to bring together our experiences of disability through an exchange of letters. Without locking us into technical or community claims, but " désinsularisant " disability : linking anxiety and fighting it raises the various areas of life in which we participate in everyday life. .In 2003, you gave the President a report on disability ...General statements followed my letter to the President of the Republic on citizens with disabilities in the use of those who are and those who are not ( Fayard , 2003). And the law of 2005 was a major achievement in mind, including the principle of the "compensation" that engages the national community to ensure the integration of disabled people and interacting with them through a personalized support to school. At work, in family life ... .This law is being implemented , m ais many shortcomings , but many shortcomings persist and discontent is growing . Information and awareness raising are down. The school management is far from expectations . Companies prefer to be " taxed " instead of hiring . Creating spaces : life remains a problem. The right to sexual and familial life is still a taboo ...You say " this exclusion indivisible what the disability." How to change the perception of disability ?The philosophy of human rights tells us to resist racism, religious persecution , 4th class or gender , it does not hold true for the exclusion of the disabled person . For disability in the open is not reached the fear of physical and mental death , the anguish of collapse and explode see the borders of the human species itself : thus it is disabled presentation inevitably to an indivisible discrimination.Slyly , tends to relegate the theomorphism frailty, disability, not in the shadow of sin, shame , guilt , or symmetrical to , in the stubbornness heroizing : The screen supports disabled that Olympic medalists ! Humanism is not known accompany mortality : I do not say " death" , we are so strong in commemorations ! I speak of mortality in us. Mortality sculpts living up to make sometimes handicapped combines the singular, it is creative surprises, sometimes unsuspected creativity . In sum, from the microcosm of disability and our letters is found the debate on secularism we are trying to lead , thinking religious heritage as well as the rebuilding of humanism."I feel anger rising within me against the tyranny of normality ," you write ...The cult of ' performance - excellence - enjoyment ' becomes the standard of secular modernity, and it spreads by lining securitarianism as a defense against economic and climatic threats. The show , image and hyperconnectivity make patterns of behavior and values ​​appropriate to the conventions that capture consumers.Be singular in this context is a fundamental freedom, but requires an incredible mental strength. This is how I understand the meaning of the psychoanalytic experience : the person off the standards that hamper so that it continues to rebuild its language.Unfortunately a "politically correct" trend prompting some activists in the disability associations reverse their exclusion denial of their difference :"We're like everyone else , why this rejection ? " Instead, paradoxically , disability is also an opportunity : let us admit incommensurable singularity of the woman above , of this man , to the limits of life .The mother of a disabled child must " accompany and translate through the game with an irremediable difference what the disability" ..Secularization is the only civilization which has no discourse on motherhood. We think we know what a Jewish mother , or a mother who prays the Virgin Mary. But a mother "modern" ? After Freud, Winnicott has announced the " good enough mother "; shrinks today distinguish the " lover " of "mother" and try to make them coexist , etc. . Own maternal passion which gives purpose and accompanies life remains enigmatic . Antigone , Ophelia, the Pietà in part , and their fate is not only masochistic or melancholic , but reveals an extraordinary maturity mothers deploy for what I call the reliance of their children. The ' connect to themselves , to themselves , to others.What happens when it reaches the irremediable difference of disability ? It is the same , but to excess, and thus a dramatic clarity. The love of life alongside with the impossible then translated into the ability to share failures as flashes . In the strongest sense of the word "share" : take part in the feature, participate without erasing that everyone is "at hand " and acknowledging its own "share" indivisible , from the irremediable . .Jean Vanier , tenderness is the founding principle of " Arche ...Jean Vanier often expressed his outstanding commitment in terms charged with emotion as "fun " and " tenderness" . As I understand it ! But I know that it is not fooled by various abuses that these words convey . At these moments of our correspondence , I think the " corpus mysticum " that Kant envisaged to establish a moral world. And I add that this metaphor mystical union with oneself and with the other can not be understood in the sense of the overused only " solidarity."The pact with the other ( the disabled person being a symbol and a reality close ) can not be reduced only to moral laws, it turns into love.The seduction of the mystical discourse reveals an absence: we lack experience and modern discourse of love . Discovering and accompanying the person with disabilities , some input we try to reinvent them. . .

3 - Letter to Ms. EMEYE

Paris , Monday, January 20, 2014

Madame Eglantine EMEYEITV Studio France38 , quai du daybreak92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Madam,You will find attached a copy of the request to open a preliminary investigation into the financing of Handicap in Paris .a- I heard Mr. Caresche say : "We have some time to figure out how to circumvent the law , but we have reached . " It was to finance the Institute of Islamic cultures.b- Then I read in Le Monde , an interview with Ms. Kristeva, attached .c- I immediately made ​​the connection between the sudden halt funding for disabled and this means " around the law ."d- When I heard your testimony in Ardisson , I took it upon myself to ask the questions that seem self-evident to the prosecutor of the Republic.You're holding nothing in this approach . I am writing to you solely for your information.Please accept, Sir , the assurance of my highest consideration ,
Marc Salomone