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Wall idiots, Sarkozy, public law and parallel law, rape, judges
Wall idiots, Sarkozy, public law and parallel law, rape, judgesParis, Friday, May 31, 2013Mr. prosecutorof Paris

"For the public respect for the judiciary and the power, it is very important to have the same justice for all, including the powerful."

Robert Morgenthau. New York attorney.Copy to:President of the RepublicMadam AttorneySubject: Thoughts on judicial silence regarding the rape of a member assigned to Mr. Sarkozy.Mr. prosecutor,1) - IntroductionMr. Mills, Prosecutor of Paris, said in Chained Duck Wednesday, May 15, 2013, P. 3:- "I do my job with independence and impartiality."Nobody doubts the integrity and ability of the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris.However, Mr. Salomone made a request to open a preliminary investigation into allegations of Mrs. William on a rape committed by a member of Mr Sarkozy, both then being in the public exercise of their functions.On this application the court "work" is not "independent" or "impartial" or otherwise. It is non-existent.It is the understanding of what is spent on what follows.This discussion is divided into three parts.Chapter 1: The "Wall idiots" and the elements of procedures. P 3Chapter 2: Public Law and the parallel right. P 25Chapter 3: Mr. Sarkozy, rape and Power. P 42Chapter 1: The "Wall idiots" and the elements of procedures2) - The name of the FrenchAn incident release can account at least partly for this obstruction.As in any feudal society, colonial occupation of the spaces each are gradually trained and assigned publicly.The union of the judiciary organizes a "Wall idiots" in his local, privately. The fact is revealed by a visiting journalist.The public has recognized that "Wall idiots" intellectual logic of the official to whom he has to do. He said that judges gave them the words of these practices. Now it will not be possible to state officials say he thinks nothing when the French say to them, You take me for a fool!The French know that the servants think and say them.The "Wall idiots" of the union of the judiciary is a condensation, displacement, a representation of a set of common practices.The cons are all those who oppose practices and agents of the state. Their word has no meaning, it is aggressive, it is wrong.This Wall idiots notes of wit. It is as if the scholarly language of servants crossed the species barrier and became understandable to those that a dialect is required.This wall is a recovery process of Marabouts identification of real character in his image. Kill the image with a pin can kill the man it represents.It's perfect darkness.3) - The "cons" and humorThis Wall scandal to the point:1 - Ms. Attorney before the Superior Council of Magistracy, CSM.2 - The journalist who made the public case was assigned to the Court by a syndicate of journalists3 - The right to request dissolution of SM.Yet there in the French ideological space a place for a pleasant use of the word "con". Brassens celebrated the "idiots of the last rain, snow old farts of the past." Ferrat, Sardou, sang the "idiots".This word is a strong current job: "Do not be a con," "it's stupid", "I'm stupid", "what con", etc..How is it that this "wall idiots" kind of comical to become an affair of state while his image was stolen from the silence of a local union of which she would never have left?4) - The "Wall idiots"The concept of "Wall idiots" has been in the public debate from the initiative of the Union of Magistrates, the SM. Immediately, the direction of its competitor, the Trade Union of the judiciary, USM, proclaimed loudly distinguish this initiative.Hortefeux, Sarkozy, Mr. Secretary-General of the USM include sue the Wall. they can be taken for specialty intimate entertainment SM.However, this "Wall idiots" are two individuals who have criticized the prosecution, and not only judicial, for the murders of their daughters. These ordinary individuals, like any other, a "Wall idiots" mirroring each procedure. They obviously did not like to know more represented target darts, very verbal.Here begins the impossibility of the Wall as a settling of scores between frames of the same rank, a battle between opposing teams sports showers. On one side the legal corporation. On the other hand, the executive branch and its societal relay.Indeed, it is impossible to get ordinary individuals, those involved to justice by the random crimes they suffer for mere henchmen of the Executive. We are no longer in the inter-se.For these mixtures, the "cons" means, call, call, all those who contradict the practices of judges, and, by extension and solidarity, those agents of the State. This qualification is the subject of a pleasant and partial use in the inter-se a private place does not change its administrative and union universality.5) - The transition to the actSometimes judges what happens to all those who let themselves betray their desires. Judges know these people.Desire rises in itself.a-Either it is manifested by procedures which have all features as they do not leave marks. They are about bar, word marks in-between itself strictly personal or shared physical events in the inter-se.b-Either it is the famous gestures, words, writings, decisions, "displaced". These are acts that leave public borrowing and make what is called a "victim."c-This reality sucite desire.- It turns one way or another. Lolita becomes a famous novel.- We give away. Lolita was then called "a minor under fifteen years."d-politics, it is said to be "irresponsible."6) - The public debate framesThe direction of the USM advantage of displaying its CEO on the "Wall idiots" to say loud and clear that it is not involved in the implicit distinction between normal and cons. It proclaims its faith in a pathetic silence obligation of the judiciary as a sign of neutrality of the judge.In doing so, the debate on the Wall of cons is thus reduced to the question of the exercise of freedom of association and expression in the Corps and state administrations.The thesis of SM and its supporters on the left is that there is no legal debate because there was no intention to disseminate these strictly private images.Judges SM repeat loop that it is a "joke schoolboy" coporatiste a pirouette. They refuse to see that people have seen in a "Wall idiots" a distinction between state officials and others, all others.Implicitly asking the Minister to cover, they isolate themselves from the state. Their competitors right, USM, the UMP, FN, can be found in words of the population carries and supports the neutrality of the state.Madam Attorney validates these political unions even transient entering the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) for a review of ethics.The CSM can therefore assume jurisdiction and impose a restriction on the freedom of association of judges due Duty Reserve.In this case, the court unionism would be only the loincloth of a return to the old corporatist organizations.This ancient form of organization guaranteed including the participation of judges, in their entirety, to the crime under German Occupation, the French crime during the war in Algeria. For example.Supported by the left, the SM calls for respect for trade union rights and democratic spirits of past battles.After figurines marabout just dance around the campfire, the sound of Tam-Tam. Higher education and control access to all forms of excellence.7) - RightFaced with criticism, complaints SM develops legal arguments.1 - The DM says you can not blame him because the law "Wall idiots" did not intended to be made public. However, two legal precedents prohibit see it obvious.A-The judges agreed to accept the entry of books in a private library in the anarchist arrest and detention of a penalized. This decline Vichy law creates a precedent that applies to unions.B-Hortefeux was sued by an ethnic-religious organization with more than 5 years of existence for making statements involving people called for the occasion "Auvergne".a-These remarks were made in a strictly private. They were captured without the knowledge of the author and the audience. They were released without any consultation themselves. He was indicted, tried and convicted.Although the judgment spare him any practical inconvenience, it is nonetheless convicted in this case. The fact that the penalty for a criminal fault in a private interview was established. There has been other occasions, including sending letters.Hortefeux b-At the material time, is a Minister who is present at a meeting of his party when he makes these remarks in an aside.Parties, as well as Ministers, are constitutional bodies. They fall under the separation of powers and magistrates do not have to judge their way of thinking.The comments being held in a hand assembly composed of activists, the legal framework is the same as that of a meeting in a home. The fact remains that this debit is organized under the guise of the constitution and the opinion of the speaker is made by a person trained in the constitution.However, judges have asserted jurisdiction and condemned.c-SM magistrates acting in their local union privately. They are formed by the constitution, the right to organize as well.The private nature of their wall action is bounded by the Constitutional registration.It does not take less explain why penalty in private about a case does not extend to another.C-SM says that there prescription.This position has been weakened since the entire judiciary defended the finding of an abuse of weakness to indict Mr Sarkozy in a case whose material breach prescribed.Indeed, in the case of the financing of the election campaign in 2007 by Ms. Betancourt in favor of Mr Sarkozy, financial facts are prescribed. The use of abuse of weakness that is not original is the judiaire mobilization can reintroduce it. Abused it to get this.The judicial imagination prevails in a case may also prevail in the other.2 - The French have made the reading of "Wall idiots"a-For some, the ideas are free.b-To others, they are not.4 - It is obvious that the DM sees no reason to apologize to those who are called "cons" not under risk of business policies, but because of their involvement in ordinary legal proceedings brought question the professionalism of judges.8) - Freedom of expressionA-Freedom of casteWe are not provided in the presence of a debate between supporters and opponents of freedom of expression.a-USM wants to harm its competitor, but not probably want to return to a purely corporate form of organization of judges. Globalization has made them too fragile for that.b-The battle of the SM for union rights excluded the principle of universality of freedom of expression. The SM is fighting for the respect of trade union rights because like all networks present French managers, it is against the universality of freedom of expression. Freedom is restricted to authorized networks castes.B-The universal freedomIt should be noted with respect the universal principle of freedom of expression and thought, none of these cases evolve criminally.It is necessary and sufficient for it to conceive that the other has the same right as ourselves to free expression.The other is not here among the other home. This is one that is defined in any debate as one that is in front radically opposite to be the face of the enemy to be fought militarily suceptible.C-Ideology prisonWe can say that the refusal of the principle of universality of freedom is the point of organic agreement of all networks French executives. Out of this agreement, they are at war.a-The maneuver alter ego SM is not to deny the existence of freedom of expression. It is to remove the SM framework where it can be exercised, to enter that where prohibited or under guardianship.b-The operation of the SM is not to defend the principle of freedom of expression. It is to remain in the field for its exercise.In all of these networks Exprit public managers, France is a prison. The staff unionism is free. Unionism inmates is prohibited. The issue is not whether the unions is governed by freedom or not. It is who is "warder" or is "detained". This is the subject of ongoing public discussion.9) - The bipolarityHere we encounter the same dual logical form from the same reality causes two poles.A-Mr. Sarkozy presents awards that certify the integration of world leaders and at the same time intentionally organized rape that formalizes the existence of criminal proceedings in the course of legal proceedings.B-The Union of Magistrates recorded that those who criticize the judiciary are nothings intellectuals. The only action for them is to make them disappear.The public has understood that judges joke. He also understood that entertainment between oneself is to say in private what they really think of each other.It is a word of private mind:Because he has a-place in a private localb-becaufe can annihilate each other jokingly in private.The detractors of the C-SM does not seek to break the freedom of expression. They look like the SM, as Mr Sarkozy, whether the SM is in the world:a-Honoured, law, legal procedures, freedom of thought, etc..b-raped, the arbitrary use of the law, discretionary procedures, false public documents, censorship, etc.."Matons" or "prisoners".10) - QuestionHowever, this debate frames from the excitement sucité by the "Wall idiots" in favor of an indictment of a corporate adversary and freedom of expression of judges does not respond to the following question: Why "Wall idiots" who should have laughter-you ice it?11) - Times are changingIf the French did not laugh when "Guignol" Hortefeux called a "con" is for other reasons of ethics, arguments of staffs or corporatist competition.Some things have changed in recent years.The state personnel responded to the orders of the French government and the European Union to launch against the population with brutality, a delicacy, dishonesty, who broke if not completely, at least broadly, the connivance any population can have people of his state. This collusion is marked in France by confusion with the state public service.The historical precedent is the occupation. The modern precedent is the action of Mr Poniatowski, Minister of State, Minister of the Interior from 1974 to 1978. His action was largely destroyed by the arrival of Mr Mitterrand to the presidency of the Republic in 1981, but.12) - The confrontationThe return of this policy of confrontation with the population is datable. Two public facts are clues:1 - The vote by the Parliament of the law by passing the breach of official contempt for the quality of the offense of contempt.This passage of the breach offense completely changes the relationship of the population to officials of authorities, and capillary to all staff. Now:a-Staff enrich themselves personally in their dealings with citizens.b-The reports of the administration officials are officially reports of violence, confrontation, war, predation.c-official find themselves in the position to take a legal opinion on the "behavior" of administered necessarily in conflict situations in nature.d-This set of quality is the prerogative of a so-called Occupation administration.e-The position of a given situation is overcome, of prisoners, subject.2 - The prohibition of the right of detainees to be interviewed openly. A reporter called it: "The loss of the right to his image."This is the application to the secular administration of religious principle. The Man Without a Face is the first quality damned soul. Faceless men live in Hell. The prison is literally the manifestation of Hell.Unionists therefore transformed a secular and democratic public service religious and totalitarian system.The Directors of Prison illustrate this practice by saying that the prison is not democracy but emerged from totalitarianism. This is a blatant violation of Article 2 of the Constitution.These provocative, insulting, humiliating, highlight that these practices build a parallel to the formal legality legality, that under the Civil Code. They are acting for personal right parallel to public law.13) - The gap in the lawAgain, we find the work of the law, the internal law, to form in the legal and public corpus, a right based on the satisfaction of the desires of criminals executives.These two provisions introduce corruption and inequality in law between French in ordinary law.The French are:a-wiped either intellectually being called "idiots."b-Or robbed financially if they disagree so little that it is, would that one look, the Masters of the words and meaning.Let c-anétantis physically point included the deaths of Hell.It is from this point that the word "con" which until now was a unifying word of the French population, sharing a word, became a symbol of the policy of national division organized by executives of State.The "Wall idiots" said aloud that the French could only see everything down.Indeed, so far the division of labor within the framework of the state is such that the executive branch executives say bad words, organize attacks, and judges validate ratonade on behalf of the violation the legality of the Civil. Neutrally.There, the judges show that they validate the insults by administrative charges of contempt against the administration is that they are already thinking as administrative: the others are idiots.For magistrates SM it is a settling of accounts. For the French, this "Wall idiots" is a clarification.While the separation of powers exist. The "Wall idiots" shows that it is publicly invested by a legal policy that distinguishes:a-Those who can take advantage of the images they have to celebrate the mental destruction of people represented.b-Those who have their own image on the condition of the opinion of those who reserve the right to dispose as they please.This is a logical form of the legal regime said occupancy, which distinguishes a winner population, free, with natural rights, and a defeated population. Enslaved, deprived of natural law.14) - The "idiots" and "buttocks"This device unit of state employees is reflected in the different qualifications immediate reports, man to man, officials and civilians.1 - Break you pauv'conThere was first the "Casse toi pauvre con! "Mr. Sarkozy.He also claimed that it was a pirouette, a distributed. The French saw it as a dividing line between those of the "Fouquet's" and all the others.The judges went further, condemning contempt head of state a man who wrote this sentence, alone, on a sign, and presented to the passage of Mr Sarkozy in the province. The prosecution appealed, after the election of Mr. Holland, a judgment acquitting the man.So the judges have indicated the division in two of French. Those who can use the word "con" to others. Those who do not even have the right to reproduce the formula containing the word "con" to submit it in writing to the person who invented it.2 - The hand in the assa-The show "C in air." Memory, a lawyer rights activist motorists began his speech as follows:- "This morning, a client has. He said he has committed a speeding. He spent the night in custody. It has been completely naked, bent, one hand in the anus. "b-A teacher rides a bicycle. She drank two beers. Stopped. The police require snaps naked. She protests. Veneer floor, fingering the vagina. Suspended sentence, participation 1000e personal enrichment gendarmes who thus penetrated.c-An inmate is ordered to strip naked. It runs. He is asked to bend forward. He does. He felt a finger penetrate her anus. He refuses. Sentence of torture Mitard and extension of the sentence.We will see later that in these proceedings the judges fall within the practice of law official legal duality used by Mr Sarkozy in the alleged rape session of the member as was reported Mrs. William. This story has never been denied.15) - The carceralization of public lifeWhat interests us here is that these scenes of rape, sexual assault by being bare backed by prosecutors seat, concern since the first decade of the 21st century, large masses of French.Several million French walking in the street with the look and hand of a statutory and union officials in their underpants on their genitals, buttocks, thighs, their chests, their hair, etc. .. they retain their lives during the brutal intrusion of this militant hand into the anus or vagina, anus preference.This is the entire population is affected by this administrative sexual violence. Hormi in the prison system, it had never seen.In 1978 Mr Poniatowski, Minister of State, Minister of the Interior, had undertaken and launch forces to attack the briefs and panties French.Le Nouvel Observateur reported at the time under the title "From curious identity check 'that thousands of children under the age of 15 found himself with a police hand in the slip for identity verification. The invention of drug research comes from this time. Its primary function was to provide a justification for police penetration of private parts. All newspapers of the time show the arrival of French amazed at having been violated.In May 1981, Mr. Mitterand had ended.The German occupying forces committed all sorts of crimes, but not this one. The only precedent, except the prison system, is the war in Algeria and the systematic search of people of Maghrebian kind.The strip search, even anal, systematic population is new 2000s. This is a carceralization of public life. It is a method of phasing out the Sovereignty of the People.16) - The new ideological deviceSexual assault of people coming together with the transmission of the offense of contempt offense of contempt. A public demand for staff unions of police who publicly threaten the state and the Republic of the consequences of impoverishment of forces, the government legalized the personal enrichment of officials because of the performance of their duties.A deputy rapporteur on this subject propose an amendment at the request of the police. As pauves are the main target of the offense of contempt, they do not have the means to pay, the taxpayer must overcome these deficiencies.The government and parliament and granted to officials care to enrich their discretion and collect taxes.This discussion does not come out of our subject. Without the disqualification of the state in the eyes of senior staff, its penetration of crime of corruption, the alleged rape by Mr. Sarkozy could not take place, or the "Wall idiots" be erected.The "Brain pauv'con you" comes along with a pic of rape in police and gendarmerie. It is at this point that:a-lawyers will take the opportunity to make their presence felt during interrogations Custody.b-The law will prohibit removal of bra women during body searches. Regardless of the officials, the fingering of the vagina that interests them. Nothing prevents the responsibility of taking the breasts, the time it takes.c-This focus on the bra is responsible to forget that the main aim of the officials is the slip and anus of men and not women's vagina. For cultural, historical, legal, etc.. There, at the entrance of the anus, in the manipulation of the cock and balls, there is no protection.c-The brutality of the offense of rape is such that organizations can get a discussion held on a formal limitation of administrative rape.d-It is noteworthy that- Young people arrested in April 2013, a sit-in in front of Parliament, were also sexually assaulted by a baring.- On the occasion of the escape of a prisoner by explosives, the first claim of the union was to request the removal of all limitations on sexual assaults on the bodies of prisoners.If the laws are useless, it may be that they are not adequate.17) - Laughter rapistsIt is in this context that is grafted information on the existence of a "Wall of idiots." The French took it as a slap. They rape us and it makes them laugh.Nothing is more humiliating for the oppressed than to attend the private joy of their oppressors What they do them. It is not a coincidence that the ideologues of systems of domination in public tell the agents of oppression are sad and on the verge of depression. In fact, they replenish their joie de vivre in the tears of their victims.At other times, it could have passed for a puppet theater. Today, nobody laughs. The "cons" were all French who oppose the servants. By extension, all those who have the feeling of being taken for the "cons". A zero percent growth, laughing do not have enough members for a party.The authors of "Wall idiots" say it is a "schoolboy joke." People exposed photo does not know laughter.When the image of the father of a young girl is murdered on the "Wall idiots" connoisseurs understand that the "schoolboy joke" claimed by the authors hints jokes that accompany rape. Neophytes feel it.That laugh is to blame the victim to be cold fish, not knowing just joking.I can testify that this thought is not specifically aimed a particular human group. This is the natural relationship that is obvious agents of the State to citizens.I understand the outraged population who feel affected by this "Wall idiots" reaction. We piss-cold insensitive to the spirituality of rape, there are all gone.18) - The equivalencesA-The "in there"Hortefeux is pinned on the "Wall of idiots." Salomone is overwritten by four policemen on the ground and officially declared: "Down".Before an assignment and meaning, that of Untermechen the right contractor Marcel Dassault and the Communist Workers Marcel Paul were able to hear and act together, between "Cons" and "Down", "Untermechen" of Buchenwald.With this historical background, I just want to indicate that there is a common area, homogeneous between "idiots" and "down below."a-"cons of the Wall" are executives who oppose the judges and that they eliminate the shamanic magic picture.b-"in there" are ordinary people who oppose the judges and that they eliminate the administrative magic.It does not take much for the idiots become in there.It is sufficient that in there can afford to hire a lawyer to become idiots.I finally understand why when a worker wrote to senior officer's letter appears to serve as toilet paper.The policeman was only translated into sign language words of his superiors when he served me with a gesture to the door if I did not agree to sign the falsification of evidence requested by the prosecutor of the Republic.B-"elected who do not care"It's the same ideological system in the case of alleged rape attributed to Mr Sarkozy.Thus, the member adds a synonym, accuracy, range of natural qualifiers inferiority. There is already the "cons" and "down". With the rape of the MP there is the "elected who cares." See: "The elected cares, she has seen others. "(Mrs. William).19) - The silence of the "cons"A-The principleThe silence of the "cons" of "in there" and "those who do not care" is the major concern for prescribers human standards.The "cons" should be silent because they have nothing to say. The "in there" have a word that is lost in psychiatry. The silence of the "elected who do not care" is when him voluntarily. For the adventurer "have seen others."B-CivilCivilians, poor resources, are required to kill for silence. "I have not even enjoyed! "This is the only memory of this young soldier to rape after which he killed a woman and her daughter so they are silent. 30 years incompressible.The obsession with the silence of the victim is also found in the case referred to by Mrs. William. Moreover, if the facts reported are accurate, that member to be entitled to another ritual rapists. She has not met Mr Sarkozy. He wasted his time. He did not enjoy.C-The State PersonnelBy cons, state personnel have more opportunities than civilians.a-The "cons" are so named for their pinned to the "Wall" pictures magically cause the silence of those whose words displease judges.b-'in there' are so named to allow physical destruction, drug, legal, their word. The Supreme Court can then produce the forgery of public documents which closes the file.c-"elected who do not care" are so called in advance to ensure their silence on pain of losing their status as women executives. This is already elected unable to "distribute pairs of slaps" to settle the assault. If in addition it is a "con" which expresses affected by a cock in one of her holes, she does not even deserve to be part of the cast.This qualification is a threat, a warning to all those who want to "make a fuss."20) - The generic qualificationThe wording of these qualifiers who appoint those who break the silence returns to recall the qualification of all disqualifications victims networks powers, or civil officials. These people "are stories."a-The "con" "fussed" because it requires authorities to account for the murder of her daughter by a previous offender. You do not like judges who destroy the magic.b-"in there" "fussed" because he said he was raped in a police station, that judicial police officers are associated with thugs in the assault of the mentally ill, the Minutes are false public documents.The-c "in there" must be eliminated by parallel use of legal means. It is from this qualification "in there" that opens the legal duality and the ability to use legal channels for private purposes. What exactly Mr Sarkozy, says William.d-"The elected who cares" would "stories" if it refused to consider a blowjob made by a member, as well as prostitution, which is imposed, are among other things in a day busy.e-The terms "con", "down below", "elected who do not care", "make a fuss" serve to publicly legalize the use of public rules for private purposes for executives of the state. They disqualify any victims in their questions about the legality of such use.This unbearable in the process of "down below," a "con", an "elected who cares" is that this nothingness, this insignificant, this doormat speaks, appoints , request.I ask in effect Mr. prosecutor going to name things in the world of cons, the bottom, the "elected who do not care."21) - Elements of proceduresQualifiers "con", "down below", "the elected who cares" is not verbal expressions to individuals outside of any procedure or as simple accompaniment of it.These are essential elements of judicial practice.1 - The "cons"The argument of "con" to the classification of office chairs for 80% of complaints.When lawyers must justify the classification or their refusal to support these complaints say they, whatever their legal status, lawyers or judges?In a discussion of the public tours of the courthouse, in the privacy of their offices, they tell the same story.a-The judges of the Court of Appeal in Paris Courthouse, during a public tour of the Palace.- "The complaints are closed without further because for the most part they have no meaning. For example, a woman accused the bishop of Bordeaux to have violated. We did not stop the Bishop of Bordeaux whether he had violated the lady. ".It should be noted that these annual public tours of the Palace ceased.b-lawyers in their practice:They talk to each other before the customer that they are disqualified."This woman wore complaint against the prosecutor. In court she told the magistrate put his small weight in the head. She asked the President that it removes the small weight he put the proc. ".Laughter and gestures choking with laughter.c-It is noteworthy that in both cases, the role of crazy litigant is held by a woman. It is they who in the eyes of judges and lawyers best embodies the madness.2 - "Down Below"a-"You are you, Mr. Salomone, down."This is not a ratonnade used, a fad, it is the essential element of a removal procedure, kidnapping, torture, filing a complaint with the public prosecutor, withdrawal of a complaint under torture.This is done under the control of a part of all police officers who tapestry, trade unions, the new chief of police. This guarantees the solidarity of the body.Cover the theft this fascist solidarity aims, aggression, a family of mentally disabled and vulnerable people in order to rob, enslave the civilian thugs to subordinate these thugs, the use as judicial and prison adjustment variable to control rogue, install them socially, to implement an alliance mafia thugs and agents of the State policy in this case: police officers three judicial police and prosecutor.b-This procedure is ratified by the hierarchy. Chief Police Commissioner of the 17th district moves in person because police say- "Today is a simple medical examination. Tomorrow will be much more serious. ".c-This procedure is known as the downstream of the prosecutor of the Republic and of the prefect of police. Cancels the first complaints from setting torture certified. The second sign all acts validation procedure.d-We see that this is not about slavery around the gratuitous insult or the kick ass.This is the key word element of the administrative and judicial proceedings.This e-About is held by senior Ministry of Interior. This is a black executive. He has already served three times to his skin color to try blessser seriously at risk of killing Mr. Salomone. The scene of the failed escape, the rebels controlled. The goal was to physically destroy Salomone then accuse him of racism to justify the anger of the innocent servant, ethnic victim assaulted, and the necessary control of frenzied violence. I had to face three times.This production, which uses black agents to justify the administrative crime by indictment the victim of racism, is prepared with colleagues and union representatives.f-This staging is repeated by the voluntary use by women executives as their wife and prestige of feminist struggles attached to it. The Chief of Police has guaranteed a fake after which Mr. Salomone had accused the woman of trying to rape him.Without going into the complications of the operation, this is a prostitution of the public image of women and homosexuals.This collaboration of women managers is even more disgusting that they serve the public prestige gained by women because of the feminist struggles that most have never participated.The action of these professional women here is a modern version of the "couch promotion".For unionized g-statutory, accuse a woman rape a man a clear mark of insanity. It takes more to be a pedal to say such a thing. The queer are crazy. They are locked. QED.h Obviously in the French administration today that the accusation of madness removes all rights of a person. There remains only the rights of concentration camp subjugation.The consensus on the legal disqualification of qualified people crazy is as total as criminal. We can only point out that this is how the government works with the active participation of the judiciary and repeat that constitutes a criminal activity.i-We see that the "down below" is also a crucial part of the procedure, and not a mere public insult.3 - elected who cares.A-If elected do not cares, it makes a complaint itself. And it becomes a problem. a-a-So it is crucial that she would foute.The I do not care attitude of the elected is not a personal posture. This is also a key element of the judicial process. This is the key to judicial lock.b-This is the concept of "elected who cares" that organizes all the talk of the press. It provides information in a form that will be denied by anyone. At the same time, it closes any legal qualification and therefore legal facts reported.The process analysis locking is a study in itself.B-Mrs William poses at the outset the principle of this system.a-The elected cares.b-There is an answer to these attacks. This is the pair of slap.c-If there is not this reaction is that it is acquiescence.d-This personal reaction or indifference device is not connected to public action in which it is made. Politicians do not have to suffer the consequences of this device.e-The concept of "the chosen one who cares" fate rape any dual relationship between the raped and the rapist.There was a fact that management is the sole responsibility of the person raped. It is up or not. That's his business.C-The concept of "the chosen one who cares" is the act of a test and evaluation capability of the person raped.Or she is able to implement the avoidance processes aggression, pair of slap. This is not a slap. This is the part of the donor aggression, a mark of aggression.It is rebellion. But then, it has no place in the world of women executives.If it is not those who "have seen other", she spends the lot of those who "make history."22) - The diffraction of law1 - We see that these formulas are not within the single field staff report (injury, observation, prejudice, adaptation, etc..). It is decisive evidence of the organization of the field of action of personal government. These formulas open the action of a state personal practice of law within a law other than that of the Civil Code.2 - They distinguish:a-two rights included in one another. One result of the Civil Code, the other under the dictatorship desiring network executives.b-Two populations.a-Those who can qualify for other "cons", "down", etc..b-Those for which it is an offense to send the qualifier. They thus become a source of income for the first.By organizing themselves legal action against the protester waved a sign in front of Mr. Sarkozy referring to his face his "Casse-toi pauv'con" judges were totally and deliberately invested in the institutionalization of this distinction. They introduced themselves the "con" in the judicial process.The transitions from one right to another, from one population to another, are organized from these qualifications innocuous appearance: "cons", "down below", "elected who do not care" " makers stories. "23) - The operation of the diffraction1 - The teacherThe teacher did not apply the rule of "the chosen one who cares, because she has seen other".So it is pressed to the ground, stripped of power, bare, forcible intercourse. In addition, it is condemned and must participate in the personal enrichment of two policemen for acts of service.The teacher is a "con" that instead of "give a damn" to "fussed" and ended up "in there."She is condemned but not under the facts of rape. She was sentenced under not having admitted. It does not accept the rape, she calls it, so she outrage.The case of the teacher is only a special case of a general practice. It is known that because of the special status of the person raped.Just as the revolt of Spartacus has only been possible by the freshness of the enslavement of the Sicilian slave who had not accustomed to having the whip.The testimony of all detentions are full of recriminations guards against all types of inmates from social groups unaccustomed to slavery constraint. These are 'makers of history. "Thus, Buchenwald, in a naked call, an inmate meets a guard: "We do not talk in that tone to a Captain in the French Army." All his co-detainees have laughed. He never reappeared at the Appeal.2 - The rape of detaineesOne of the major demand of the state union is to require prisoners to put naked, undressing at a pace that pleases the official, they put on all fours and they lean forward spreading her legs and buttocks, they bear without flinching buttocks groping, or vagina, followed by examination of the anus or vagina by (or) official, they endure penetration of the hand of officials in their anus or vagina, or both. The duration of the penetration depth, its times, depending on the sole discretion of the officials.The privilege of handling this and that assessment is an essential claim of professional recognition, on the part of unionists.The detainee must accept the rape in silence, without anger, without apparent revolt, including the look, the thing is publicly specified by union representatives.Otherwise, this is an outrage and it leads the prisoner to pay damages to the union. The payment of such damages is a personal enrichment of the official in the performance of his duties.Hundreds of thousands of French experience these sexual assaults each year. They go along with the satisfaction of the claim extra pay that accompanied the criminalization of contempt.Again, the prisoner is not convicted for refusing to be violated. It is said to have destroyed the illegality of fact, in this case its humiliating and degrading.It should be noted that prisoners are only to fight to impose the law against the practice of rape. The Legislature voted expressly held that rape should be as frequent as possible and that is humiliating or degrading treatment.To reduce suicide and did not have to systematically shed the blood of prisoners solely for raping men, the Executive Branch has taken regulatory measures that contradict the law passed by the Legislature.Must be clarified that the Authority of Parliament has been weakened?3 - SummaryIn both cases:a-In prison, if an inmate refuses to present his ass to the penetration, he was sentenced to damages in solitary (even rape), a longer sentence.b-It is not condemned for refusing to report homosexual rapist. He is condemned for refusing to obey the order of a registered union.c-In gendarmerie, a cyclist is flattened to the ground, put naked force, penetrated by a finger in the vagina. This teacher denounced the rape.d-The prosecutor said that the issue of the Custody, ie rape, will not be asked. Custody and rape for which the teacher had complained.The teacher does not respond to the justice of his opposition to the will of the officials. Refusal to which officials have complained.She was sentenced to two months suspended and 500th in damages to two women constables who have penetrated.24) - The decomposition technique of eventIn both cases, judges use the same technique of decomposition of the military action.From the moment he was prohibited officers to force open the lockers of non-grades, they ordered no-grades to open their lockers. If they refuse, they are not condemned for refusing to open, it is their right, and it is recognized as such, but the refusal to obey an order.25) - Two people facing deathThe same technique is used to justify the legalization of murders committed by the administrative administered.The old classic political assassinations or assassination what administrative detainees due to evasion and could return in majesty. It is even enshrined in the European Treaties.In 5 years, the French justice legalized according to this doctrine of the decomposition of the action:Murders escape: seven bullets in the back of a handcuffed prisoners in the back.Murder by rational control of a prisoner agitated: strangulation during an identity check.Murder by crushing a vehicle launched at a brisk pace: a child through a red light, the police car can not stop. Several cases.Murder by crushing is a classic domination.In France, we find:a-In feudalism. The Princes of the blood could flow without "warning".b-In the concentration camps at Struthof in Alsace. The camp director was traveling at high speed in the camp. Woe to the prisoner too slow.c-In Algeria, Mr. Aleg journalist signed its first article denouncing the practice of riding a horse on the sidewalk scary Arabs, and the need for crushing the inattentive, the helpless.Each time, the law distinguishes between two unequal populations in law and transfer the blame on the victims by the decomposition technique of the action.This is only possible by the implicit use small words "con", "down below", "the elected who cares", "makers of history."These are words that are seemingly harmless and actually rocking words. They open onto a parallel law inserted into the official law.26) - Conclusion of Chapter 1The first reason Mr. Salomone fails to obtain review of his claims is that it is a "con" a "in there."The "Wall idiots" says Mr. Salomone place in the concerns of judges. It explains the spontaneous rejection of all judges to consider his demands.It would be wrong to say that this is so because I would attack at too high a part for me. This applies even when I complain of rape, by civil or administrative, for falsifying public records, or when I reported the assault of a mentally ill. Judges do not speak the "cons".Chapter 2: Public Law and the parallel rightWhen talking about rape is administrative or official in question rape.27) - The causes of silenceA "con" submits a rape to the attention of the prosecutor of the Republic. The hearing shall be entrusted to a peacekeeper. His sabotage is equivalent to a refusal to act.Contempt of state frameworks for the applicant already raped and tortured by them, is not the sole cause of the refusal of the above consider the application.Instead of rape in administrative policies, the particularity of atypical rape construed to Mr. Sarkozy, are key factors in this silence.28) - Administrative rapeA-marking livestockRape is a universal technique of parallel administrative law. Rape is the point of contact with the body parallel law and public law. This is the place to validate the one by the other.In a police station, the owner of a stolen vehicle insists on knowing when the police will take action to recover his car. Answer: "I see. If you do not go now, I do not care you in Police custody and hair. " A real "con" that motorist.Rape attributed to Mr. Sarkozy is an example of this practice of administrative rape that administrative part with a hot iron to shame them any power over the body of citizens.B-The atypical nature of the alleged rapeThis rape lent to Mr. Sarkozy, however, atypical.Indeed, the rule of the Western countries is that the administrative rape is done by eye or hand, but especially without the penis.Now in this alleged rape, Sarkozy use his penis so important.C-Parallel administrative rightsAdministrative rape open onto a parallel administrative law in French civil law.This parallel law, far from being a legal desert is similar to other legal systems throughout the world.D-We will discuss each of these points.29) - The right parallelParallel administrative law developed by the administrative practice of rape does not change in public law as a free pass. It is not out. It is inserted into the law.The judges do not allow administrative violating, they accept their logic.These logics are based in civil law:For a-word-flops such as "idiots", "down below", "the elected who cares", "those who make stories."b-For practices such as silence, the decomposition of the facts, concealment, retained another case, etc..In doing so, judges hold hollow on the sidelines, in parallel, a legal world that constantly returns to court to validate its own procedures.For example:a-Kill 7 times in the back a Roma handcuffed in the back is parallel.b-Kill an escaped fugitive armed Arabic, is criminal.c-For Police Marseille, share gains with dealers is criminal from the moment the dealers so decide.d-For police, claiming 500th to someone who has been sexually penetrated parallel.Etc..Inevitably, sooner or later, the organizers of the parallel right will be powerful enough to impose their own system of public validation of the parallel right.This is not something that the distinction of the economy and finance, parallel and their legal vis-à-vis. When the law is used to manage the illegality, there comes a time when the mob wants to lead the public economy.These complete systems, and conflicting relationships with the public law already exist.30) parallel rightsThese parallel administrative rights assets exist under names such as:a-Justice of Indian castes.b-Shariac-judicial or civil practice French31) - The Justice casteA-Indian democracy is only now beginning to be able to ask the public issue, policy, rule of public law on the parallel right of caste.B-MarriageEach year, tens of thousands of young people run away from home to marry for love, not arranged marriage.There are still a decade, reports the French media had arranged marriages as a beneficial legitimate custom, accepted, in Indian society. The marriage of love, chivalry it was presented as disorganizing.C-Both rightsToday it is no longer possible to hide the fact that these marriages are the scene of a real legal civil war.Two competing rights.One is the right of caste. Courts all caste pronounce sentences, including death sentences.The other is the civil law. What Westerners call justice.D-The clashMarriage is in all societies the first form of government. Even if it is less important in developed society.Through marriage is the clash between a democratic political and judicial feudal judicial policy.The rape of women in buses, honor killings because of love marriage, the collapse of production buildings, religious clashes, for example, show that these legal distinctions are crucial.E-FutureWhere would we be in France for public health if the healers saw their logic used by the courts?The India puts in place the necessary mechanisms to the evolution of an ancestral system. It covers more than one billion inhabitants.France seems to be concerned not to ban the feudal right to prosper.Who will organize the future? Those who progress or regress?32) - ShariaSharia is the legal projection of Mohammedan thought. It is currently the best known model of the complete development of a parallel administrative and civil law.A-AccommodatingSharia is growing in many countries as a positive right instead of a public or competitor of it.After the "Arab Spring", the conflict between the two rights, and parallel public has lost its dictatorial administrative form to become the main topic of political debate several countries.Sharia is the legal expression of a particular administration of a religious type. It has a public authority as it merges with the religious administrative form that conquered vast territories, subordinate many peoples imposed domination of a particular ethnic group.This law has its own definition of the people it regulates legally. This is the Ummah, all Muslim believers. As such, it aims to become universal.It is not universal because he depicts the natural rights of the entire population, even humanity. It is universal because he imposes his partisan doctrine to the entire population.These are important considerations. They note the conflict manifested into the street between:Supporters of a parallel-law came from a particular doctrine that holds some people called Umma party and which requires other populations defined nationally.b-partisan public law which organizes legally the entire population in the natural rights of men.Tunisia is the theoretical description of this conflict.B-Place the two rightsTunisia emphasizes that these rights are not equivalent.Public law is that of the whole population. It is the source of universal law.Sharia law is the particular part of the population practice.In this sense, it is a parallel law.There is not another law. Its operation is never equivalent to that of public law.C-A crucial conflictWe see the conflict of the writing of the Tunisian Constitution.Supporters of Sharia that women want to register is complementary rights. They can not do otherwise without overrule.Legalists want to write the equality of men and women.We see that the two rights are not equivalent.Sharia has become embedded in the public right to create a space that opens to the parallel world of Sharia law.This is done under the guise of a word-rocking "complementary", as in all parallel administrative rights.So far in the country organized by reference to Islam, the parallel law demonstrates that it is not a natural right, it is not the right of a people but a particular private administration,D-SlipOr what's going on?In European countries, including the Americas, the admirers of Sharia manage the feat of reversing the legitimacy of the two rights as they cross the Mediterranean.They spend the contrary to the principles of public law as an expression of the will of the people then it is national law of a particular jurisdiction of a religious exercise that defined its population religiously right.In Tunisia, the national law is public law. The right parallel, or Shariah, in principle private law. In France, the right to national references Tunisian becomes Sharia. Public law becomes an illegitimate private reference.This reversal of legitimacy can build a parallel law claiming a popular legitimacy.The rebels could not organize the Tunisian example, against the French law on the basis of the Tunisian public law.By cons, they can organize the "Muslims" as a specific legal entity. Sharia becomes the national law, natural, popular, a population that demands recognition.This multifaceted work of a parallel law in the civil law to many areas, including secularism, the status of women, etc..He received the name of Canada practice of "accommodation". We see how the parallel rights appear as "natural rights. They argue the definition of legality in public law.33) - The French practice: An exampleA-practices Karl Zero and Canal +A recent report on the future of Pakistan speaks of "Talibanisation" of Pakistan. It seems that the French debate is exotic. Not so much.The debate-called "Marriage for All" led the opposition, which is organized by the public "AKI for All" directed by Ms. Looney frigid. Regardless of their point of view here. It is only the female leader.On the eve of the second "AKI for All", Canal + invites Karl Zero, his show Le grand journal. Karl Zero is the brother of Ms. frigid Barjo.Karl Zero has launched a loud cry. It requires her sister stops its manifestations and returns to his usual occupations. It requires the hand of his sister because she's his sister that folds its requirements. It feels right to have public action thereof to family title. Above all, he believes that Ms. Looney can not escape this family supervision.What Does it-you to demand it?1 - Ms. frigid Looney did not inform her husband of her decisions.2 - The husband of Mrs. Looney is unfit to lead his wife.3 - Karl Zero therefore expresses "head of household".4 - He deduces that he has rights to enforce the conduct of Ms. Looney. It can not act without consulting her husband or if her brother.4 - Karl Zero says whistling the end of the recreation and requires that everything is in order and that Ms. Looney goes home.What else so that the program of the Taliban based on the requirement that women never act without the authority of a man, husband, father, brother, brother, son.Karl Zero demanded the implementation of Sharia. Nothing less.Thus, during a very legitimate adversarial public debate, the parallel right-you it fits into the discussion.34) - The strength of the parallel righta-The strength of this parallel law, its ability to form cysts or even overwhelm, subvert public law, gives us an idea of ​​the challenges of fighting by the French administrative currents to enter the parallel development of law in the French law.b-Courts of Indian castes, the sharia, the case Karl Zero, we show that the parallel administrative law French, a world and not some free pass between colleagues.35) - Parallel rights and administrative rape1 - Rape, far from being an occasional practice, incidental, accidental, organizes the contrary parallel rights concerned.2 - Rape is not only a fact, as a consequence, a terminal. It organizes the administrative reporting strategy between administrative and administered in force in the country.Thus, the Indian news shows that rape, including the public, is one of the cornerstones of the right caste. A major part of the business of the courts is the caste support.3 - The big difference between the administrative rape, or "parallel", in East and West, would like to use either of the penis is the only hands.The banishment of the penis administrative practices to multiple and far-reaching consequences.a-It does not change anything about the validation of parallel administrative policies from the examination of rape by civilian courts.b-It changes all administrative reports and administered.34) - Rape meeting place of the two rightsA-ExamplesCompare what we know about the practice of parallel French law, called careful regulatory action, and those of parallel Islamic law called Sharia.West-Side we have the rape of a teacher in police and a prison inmate. These are examples among others.Muslim b-side, we have the rape of a woman in Egypt by French police. The rape of a woman by a Moroccan Moroccan. Massive repudiation of Bosnian women raped by Serbs.B-The public validationWhat we will look at is the process by which the two types of public law validate the parallel rights (Sharia or administrative violence) through the examination of rape.35) - The remarkable identities1 - The identity of procedurea-In a separate but similar to the French law concerning the procedure teacher, or the inmate who wants to stay virgin anus, or any non-consensual homosexual relationship, the subordinate court Sharia makes two judgments.b-Subordinate Court judge the rapist because of his public duty. He had to stop a threat to public order due to the presence of a single woman, or badly dressed, or indecent.This is acquitted affects damages, pay a fine, marries the woman he raped. It may also receive compensation from the insult it is made by Impure woman.If rape beyond the limits of his rights, he pays a fine.Rape can be a way to get a woman, in this case the marriage ended debate. If there is conflict between castes in the presence, the debate of rape becomes a discussion of precedence of caste, which in its own independent rules for the issue of rape which is then hidden.c-The Tribunal finds the woman raped not according to his complaint.It condemns the person raped. This is divorced, incarcerated, stoned.The woman is condemned not for being raped.She was sentenced:For ca-provoking rape, disturbing the peace, assaulting the rapist. By filing a complaint, it undermines his honor. Unless it can be argued that rape undermines the reputation of its higher than the rapist caste and that it can not repair the damage to the height, it is doomed.This sentence is legitimizing civil proceedings against it within the caste or family.cb-Being raped, she is guilty of disturbing public order but not only.Rape has defiled, even if she is acquitted of rape. As such, it is criminal.Repudiation is automatic, stoning is possible.2 - The identity of solidarityWe see that the Sharia and the French practice of law parallel to the Civil Code, work with full institutional solidarity with administrative rape.The operating principle is the same: the Authority has a right of desire.In both cases:a-raped because people are condemned to suffer rape.b-rapists are:ba-Presented victimsbb-Confirmed in their role as representatives of the order at the time of rapebc-Judged only for possible misconduct in the course of this representation.36) - The differenceWhat changes is the device constituting public administrative reform. What is called the Public Authority.1 - In the world ruled by Sharia:a-men, such as are public authorities, in particular vis-à-vis women.b-The use of the rod of the man in a public act is not prohibited. Instead, it is an element of law.In Muslim countries, rape by the union of the detainees are the sex offenders in the buttocks. That throughout the Arab world. In Iran, students demonstrated en masse shouting: "Rape is there in the Quran? ". We find evidence from Morocco to Pakistan, Syria, Egypt.c-So public recognition of the use of male and sexual pleasure in a public act such as rape is not criminalized authority its author.d-The judges may well consider that in this portrayal of the sexes to each other, both sides are equal. The fault lies with the party who violated the social norms of gender presentation.E-Man has exercised his droit de seigneur on single women, abandoned, available, immoral, dangerous for the religious public order.f-The woman broke the rules of the subordination of women in the presence of a man, his belonging to a man in his arrest.g-The woman, suffering its twist the sexual assault of a stranger to his family, and dishonors it becomes impure.2 - In the French case:a-In the West, such as men no longer have authority over women. They are not a public authority.b-The male penis is censored in all representations and public uses.c-violent inmates union with the eye and the hand. Sexual pleasure proclaimed, proven, suspected, constitutes a fault.d-The courts must condemn rape, sexual assault in general, the public and legalized rape and sexual abuse by officials.e-officials must exercise their right to rape without ever about sex or sexual intercourse.3 - The rule and exceptionsA-Why are they servants arrested and tried for sexual abuse of detainees? Parcequ'ils are supposed to have enjoyed with their tails and not only with the pride of a good regulatory application.a-Taking pictures of naked people for himself in Custody is assumed personal pleasure. So this is a mistake.b-Penetrating a vagina or anus with gloves and a disgusted air is a must. So this is an expression of the law.Since B-Tartuffe, the art of rape, in France at least, and probably in the West, is the art of enjoyment asexual, ie without apparent desire or pleasure. Public personal pleasure, proclaimed suspected, proven, is excluded.a-On behalf of the statutory and union colleagues every rape is a rush of pleasure, fulfillment, wholeness, but also a time of sharing, laughter, fellowship, and colleagues.b-but he who turns to the prisoner, or non-professional audience, the moment is that the severe mine, or one that focuses on a thankless task with boredom insurmountable dedication flawless.c-If two employees are laughing together in the subway, just turn your head to see, close to a colleague rummaging the body of a passenger. The excavator has a mine burial.37) - FirewallsTo institutionalize this distinction and make legal the administrative rape, both in its form of sexual contact as sexual penetration, the judiciary organizes special sessions devoted to staging the condemnation of administrative sexual violence and therefore their legal definition . Everything depends on the opposition of personal pleasure and collective responsibility.These sessions within exorcism. A police officer will be tried for taking personal photos Kept in views.It is not the practice of the profession organizes rape, it is a personal failure that brought out the professional ethics.This is the same setting the stage for the murder of detainees by evasion.a-unionists who train the target heart or head systematically, all the joy and good humor.b-When the same look to the camera, they express how necessary this work is their endless pain.38) - The logic of the two parallel straightThe similarities and differences of the two parallel rights and the differences and similarities of validation practices by public rights correspondent, just a different definition of the populations affected by the legal and administrative strategies of the countries concerned.1 - ShariaFor Sharia, the Man-woman couple who presides over the definition of administrative population.The man introduces himself as the man and woman as woman.The rape which is part of administrative law, or feudal law, or fascist right, is made publicly gendered actors.It makes sense that rape man by his penis and a woman is raped by a sexual penetration.Public law finds that the penetration has been achieved good administrative purposes or not.If a farmer dips his penis into the vagina of a property in its own, it's a mess.If a package from a busy isolated, it is of public order.Penetration is necessarily set to sexual and physical abilities of man rhythms.Rape is only to demonstrate indefinitely superiority of man over woman.This superiority is built all the administrative rule.2 - The Western lawIn Western law, the administrative-administered torque governing administrative policy.Administrative rapist is not necessarily a man. The person said administered raped is not necessarily a woman.Rape may be more diverse. It is first to seize a person's body to impose administrative brand, male or female. This can be a petting a stripped bare, manual penetration. It can be long or short.Today, he even raises the question of rape by radioactivity.Administrative rape aims to establish superiority in fact does not exist in law. In public law, the individual must meet the legal requirements of the Administrative without it gives it a human superiority.In parallel law, rape allows the administrative disqualify humanely administered.39) - Public Rights and parallel rights.We see the differences between the French law and the Muslim countries. To achieve seemingly identical results, supporting rapists, but in a completely separate device.1 - The occultationTo support parallel rights, public law judges obscure the facts produced by the parallel law.The procurator of the Republic against requiring the teacher said that the court is not meet to "make the process of Custody", ie the parallel law.Rape, which is the product of the feudal law is not considered, because in fact, the judges, it does not exist.What is judged is the outrage of the raped person who dares to protest against his attacker.You ask an inmate buttocks apart to penetrate. Legally, it does not exist because it is a product of parallel law.The detainee refuses to be violated. It is a refusal to comply. It depends on the civil regulatory law.2 - The identity of occultationa-subordinate to the Sharia courts do not see the presence of a woman outside her home or dishonor to the family imposed by a woman who had illegitimate relationships.Curiously, we find the same issue of dishonor and failure made by the person violated in the case known as the rape of the member by Mr. Sarkozy. That member's notice to shut up or be socially evil.b-subordinated to Western administrative violence courts only see the refusal of a human being to respond to administrative orders, or violence against a person given an administrative person.3 - Recognition of parallel rightThe judicial and administrative policy is not written anywhere. We perceive that the analysis of the practice of justice, government, union, etc..We see in the case of the teacher, as the prisoner who refuses to be sodomized, justice refuses to judge rape, and condemns those who come to them as victims.That Sharia gives us is a visible formatting of what is in the west to the state of practice. It acts as the dyes that scientists are in the rivers that go underground to know where they go out and explore their underground journey.These practices are included in the legal practice. What really gives them a legal reality is precisely the occultation which they are subject by the civil magistrates.When these facts are obscured by subordinate to Sharia courts, Western managers crying foul. They say: This is a rape. The court must see. It must be judged!They are silent, one way or another, when subject to the Western Directors magistrates conceal a fact identical.In both cases, judges have simply recognized the existence of two rights. The products made by one can not be judged by the other.The only difference is that in one case, the droit de seigneur is claimed by the parallel law, and in the other case it is denied, but also heavily used.40) - The value of the two rightsThese two rights are not of equal value.Both doctrines of law, public and parallel can be intertwined, they are nevertheless structurally foreign legal policies to each other. Where one holds the right, the other can exist only taking the place of the first.Sharia can develop volumes of jurisprudence, Western Administrative may slip into finasserie legal texts and judicial corruption, the practice of parallel rights are not right.These processes terror to establish the unchallenged domination, fascist, an administratively defined on another set in the same way people.Building a public law, Components democracies have annihilated the feudal law based on the desire of the Master towards the slave whatever their circumstantial titles.The resurgence of this right necessarily wishing to become a parallel law. It will never be the public law.It is because of this parallel development that these practices can not be considered. Rape is removed in favor of the judgment of his refusal as insubordination.That at the material those who challenged the police the right to get in the classroom, until July 1944, children, and send them to Auschwitz, have been sentenced by the courts, beaten, raped, shot does not make legal action the administrative or their hierarchy.It is a fact of violence, not a legal violence.41) - Who dominates?In states recognizing, in fact or in law, the Sharia, raped women can be publicly condemned for rape in the exact measure or parallel right dominates public law. The author is raped and guilty of rape and crime is to be impure.Where public law dominates, the rapist is guilty of rape and author. His crime was to have violated. Hence the need for a legal definition of rape, which then requires authorities. This was the case in France in 1978.The examples show that in fact the feudal law, or religious, or administrative or wish, call it what you like, fits into the practice of civil law. It is on a par with him.Of course, a teacher can not be raped by a civilian without one is judged and not herself. This is the public law applies because the French managers are more aimed at ensuring the overall domination of men over women.But the same teacher may be violated by police, by making naked and with your finger. In this case, the feudal law applies. French managers want to ensure a dictatorship of law on administrative administered.What we observe is that the judges are the vectors of a legal duality. They manage the reports of two rights.It is not certain that the public right of recent writing, keeps indefinitely its public supremacy.42) - The parallel meetingsThis possible interpenetration of the two doctrines of law must produce moments of collusion or common practices. This is indeed what can already be produced twice in law:a-In a trial in Lille. The magistrates have validated the application for annulment of marriage based on lies from the bride on her virginity. The Court of Appeals did not contradict the Court of First Instance that, because of political pressure.b-The Supreme Court had overturned the dismissal of an employee of the "Baby Wolf" crib. The employee wanted to impose its practices, religious, and therefore its administrative law, to the employer. In doing so, the Court of Cassation had instituted Sharia as an enforceable right to French companies.43) - Cultural differencesThe cult of censorship that took the West in recent years, are transferred to the parallel information about this crime. Parallel crime being that comes from the implementation of a parallel law.Sharia allows us to see the implementation of the willful blindness of Western.Two men are beheaded in the street at a British soldier.One of these men came to talk to the public, a machete.The scene will loop on the television and internet video.The same evening, the image of the machete is blurred.We are in front of two ideologically opposed ideologies information.a-One organizes its publiquement.Elle demonstration is to be seen. It appeals to the public.These Muslim activists call all men and all women of the Ummah to follow, with full knowledge of the facts. A London Imam greet their "courage."b-The other cache, or rather disqualifies the information by all means.The administration wants the party given the party to follow, but the ignorance and servility.44) To the concentration societyThe obsessive hunt for the image of the penis is a centerpiece of the emasculation of western populations room.Similarly, chasing the face image. Inmates are seen as removing a "right to their image" by who knows who. All those who accept, or must bear to see their face blurred are used for this purpose.This is the installation of a prison or concentration camp society in which ordinary people can not say "I".45) - Rape and international lawRape has become a major political means of expression states.a-To eliminate the secretary general of the IMF is displeasing, the forces involved are using the charge of rape. This will be a non-place. The accused could receive the benefit of the doubt. The judge could have allowed him to continue to hold office.Everything was organized for the sole charge of rape is enough to remove a man with the rank of Head of State of its function and public life.b-The French judiciary has undertaken to continue the work of the American Judicial review involving the accused for the offense of use of prostitutes.c-To eliminate Assange, founder of Wikileaks, the U.S. government has used the charge of rape through the Swedish judiciary.The control of the Swedish justice to desiderata of the U.S. administration is no doubt in this case.The charges made public are dishonest and dangerous for the future of European law, its authority formulations.These accusations are part of a state system that we know now includes regular and legal use of torture, against Private Manning in particular.But these accusations alone were enough to put in place a mechanism that will lead Assange to be crushed or killed, even legally.A chief magistrate had invalidated the complaint of two women accusing Assange. These complaints were filed after the publication of Wikileaks. A second judge was appointed which validated the complaints. Who does not know that when a State appoints a second magistrate to validate that a first struck, it stinks?Salomone has requested the opening of a preliminary investigation into Mr. Bartolone and Huchon and Company. I was dismissed. I'm sorry. Who would think that if new judges were appointed to give me satisfaction that would in the interest of justice? Person.The charge of rape, among other things, allowed the British government to declare that the extraterritoriality of embassies and diplomatic immunity have had their day. It took the intervention of a coalition of countries in the Third World for the British government to reverse its decision.Swedish and French magistrates have clearly is on the order of the U.S. administration to continue the action thereof, or against Assange or against Strauss-Kahn.Again, the charge of rape or sexual violence, has powers that go well beyond those of aphrodisiacs. It helps break the oldest conventions civilized international relations.From accusations about sex with two men, judges have developed international legal political lines outside any democratic control.Sex is therefore not a next of public life, his dark face, his demon midnight. It is now an instrument of intervention in public affairs, in the organization of international administrations.We have seen that the state use of sexual crime is entirely dependent on strategies that do not have much to do with the court case displayed.By mastering the sexual crime, the United States subordinate judiciaries of other countries to their own political purposes.Regardless here that Ms. Dialo was raped or not. The case has been judicially determined. What interests us here is that the progress of the case, the loss of the Directorate of IMF Strauss-Kahn, has been organized by other judges and for purposes other than the truth and morality.Mr. prosecutor therefore can not say that rape issues concerning executives of the French government are dwarfed by other criteria relevant to the judicial activity of the above.So the issue of the request for review of rape allegations concerning Mr. Sarkozy is whether the magistrates are able to focus on crime frameworks State to produce anything other than a carambouillage of State. Making the right example.The law is there anything else that the reason of the fittest, it is something other than ripoliner dictatorships.This is why the French judiciary can not let foreign powers control of this instrument of international legal debate. It must consider, understand, judge, what came out of this crime created in sexuality.Chapter 3: Mr. Sarkozy, rape and Power46) - The appearance of the rapeRape attributed to Mr Sarkozy at first seems out of the ordinary administrative rape. It follows from simple civil rape.Took a sudden urge Mr Sarkozy received by a person in a room requiring a blowjob. He released his sex. He gets blowjob.Subject to the accuracy of facts, Mr Sarkozy would have a drive. He would have met on the first visit. In the limit a bailiff or masturbation would have done the trick.Where are the administration and the parallel right? Mr Sarkozy would have violated a person. Why would he create a special right?47 - Parallel womanIf the reported facts are accurate, Mr. Sarkozy does not call the woman by chance. Crossing their paths was organized.Mr. Sarkozy calls a woman has in a ceremony at the Elysee Palace. It is registered in the circuits of State officials.Mrs. William tells us that this type of woman is held to various sexual services to men of the State. The rocker formula by which these services are beyond the civil law: "This has been elected in others."Mr Sarkozy has therefore a droit de seigneur is the operation of a parallel right to civil law. It installs in a particular place of power law which is under a law of Sharia type ensuring the domination of complex administratively defined populations over others. His relationship with this woman does not fall within the contract between free persons but of the service obligation for each and waiting for service to others.48) - Parallel MPThis woman is a member of Parliament, a state woman. The ceremony to honor his presence is specifically made for the head of state greet reward distinguished executives of the state, with medals.This member is not there in the recipient. It is present in required. She came to get a subsidy required for the success of its mandate from his constituents. She is requesting service to receive and thus render service. It is weakened.As such, it is logical to think that it was not included in the journey of Mr. Sarkozy by chance. It is plausible to think that there was a "conspiracy" and "gang."Mr. Sarkozy becomes the legal framework for the exercise of this grant application, or supporting such an application, completely legal and honorable.The exchange of good practices behind these meetings is:An up-to prostitution in the memberb-A set of procuring Mr Sarkozyc-A implementation of the Elysee hotel pimping and its owner.d-a conspiracy, and organized gang, if the member has been placed there by maneuver. What is more likely.An email scam the public treasury. Parliament has never voted to pay credit fellatio.f-A tax scam.- Giving a subsidy that has become the payment of a blowjob is income for Mr. Sarkozy. He said nothing.- Receipt of a grant which became the payment of a blowjob is an income to the honorable member. She probably did not report. It seems obvious that it is under duress and fear.Money is out of the public treasury by the legal manipulations. They derive the Civil Code? Not. So it is indeed the actuation of a parallel law.This parallel right is what Indians call the right caste. It is this right that the Indian civil magistrates attempt to neutralize, to displace, destroy. It opens with the formula switch: "The elected who have seen others."49 - Parallel constitutionViolating an MP, Mr Sarkozy, representing the first head of the executive power, attacks and makes the Legislature embodied the member. The member represents the Legislature. She is invested including spite of herself.Mr Sarkozy has an elected Parliament kneeling before the elected executive.We are not there in the symbolism of power. This is the exercise of power in question. Mr. Sarkozy gives a definition of the role of powers in the Republic.This place is it defined by the Constitution? Not. It is therefore a parallel right implements Mr Sarkozy. It intends to do so by endorsing the competent lawyers.On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, the police prevented four MPs from entering the Parliament. The Minister of intéreiur in the chamber, facing the MPs to support this factious action.The confrontation of the executive power to the legislature is a reality.50) - The instrument parallel rightHow Mr. Sarkozy is the procedure to implement the parallel legal proceedings?By the procedure of rape.Rape is an institutional procedure properly. It is through the framework of the state rock of public law in parallel law, or Sharia, or feudal law, or privatization of law, etc.. In the words of Georges Pompidou "Call it what you will."51) - The originality of Mr. SarkozyMr. Sarkozy proceeds by rape with his rod. This is prohibited by Western law. Why?Mr Sarkozy is in a unique situation.Directing the executive branch, it is the administrative action. He does not exercise.For the rape, he staged the omnipotence of administrative networks on all citizens.He can not claim a body search procedure to introduce his hand into the body of a or administered. It pretext therefore an urgent need for sexual him stick his penis into the mouth.Apparently, Sarkozy finds himself in the position of Shariah which imposes a form of the sex opposite to that of Western administration where you rape hand.52) - The difference in statusThis is due to the difference in status of one and other.Western administration are not there to publicly establish the legality of parallel law. They needed by the facts and make cover acts by the courts.Mr Sarkozy wants to force him on the Legislature and the Judiciary to recognize the equal dignity of legal civil and parallel law.Excluding any administrative reality, it puts one another fait accompli of a rape and a right to rape.Agreed that the rape and rape law recognized by the complicit silence of both Houses and the prosecution, the right parallel networks of colleagues is almost legalized in its principle and not just in all his actions.53) - 5 of 5Enough said. Networks of colleagues understood the message loud and clear.Two years later, the rape of commissions, police stations, prisons, had exploded.This is the population that is found to have spread her legs to let the eye or the hand of an officer. Executives thought they were immune to this barbarism. They did not appreciate.The lawyers took advantage of the opportunity to snatch their presence at interrogations Custody sessions. He never could get after years of requests.Associations inmates obtained a formal limitation of body searches. While free access to the anus and vagina of prisoners is a key demand of the state union.It does not seem logical to me to think that the alleged rape by Mr. Sarkozy is a key part of these disorders.54) - The ordinary judicialWhen a detainee or a teacher refuse to be violated, and are force, statutory and union act in agreement with the prosecution for rape switch in parallel to the public right and reserve the right qualification protests offense of contempt.This is the same procedure in the implementation of Sharia. Women who are complaints, or may do so, or that it is profitable to continue to persecute, are indicted for indecent conduct, endangered their children abondons hearth, indecency, since ' they were in the street without male accompaniment, and their 10 year old son for example.55) - Judicial discomfortMr. prosecutor seems embarrassed.a-Rape is perfectly embedded in the exercise of public functions.b-To question the duality of legal action by Mr Sarkozy, is to challenge the legal duality of all government networks.c-duality based on rape.d-The allegations against Mr Sarkozy are somehow the national holiday of administrative law seigneur.These are e-rape does not anecdotal. They are stone retaining operation of a parallel law, the establishment of a legal duality.f-The fact that the person violated an MP and that rape raises the constitutional issue of a conflict between the powers of the Republic makes it difficult to outright closure of the file.56) - The quality of factsA-The information did not come from Mr. Salomone. It is public and comes from a collaborator of Mr. Devedjian, President of the General Council of Hauts de Seine. It was referred before the publication of the book.B-If I believe the concerns expressed by the attorneys Republics concerned requests for Mr. Bartolone and the Ile de France Regional Advisors, the legal issue is the importance of the offense and criminal .C-The rape of a member in the performance of his duties, his arrest prostitution, pimping gang, a Head of State in the exercise of its functions, the rape of the constitution and fraud to tax arising from:Are they a-crimes?b-These offenses are criminal and they important?D - The best lawyers may be reluctant to decide.55) - ConclusionIf the facts reported by Mrs. William is correct, Sarkozy violated.For any sexual request, he had his wife, Mrs. Balkany who said he was desperate to Mr Sarkozy, and prostitutes.The member has been in a situation deliberately by association. Mr Sarkozy will have raped by knowingly, willfully and with premeditation, in combination.He first made for political reasons, factional.The facts are criminals. They are technically simple to establish by professionals.It is the responsibility of the prosecutor of the Republic to determine the accuracy of the facts and their legal significance.The police showed she refused to take a statement. A judge should be appointed for this purpose.Please accept, Mr. prosecutor, insurance Sincerely,Marc Salomone